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About Crystallizeit

Crystallize It! has been producing 3d photo keepsakes and memorabilias of different shapes and sizes since 2004. We operate more than a dozen laser systems using our revolutionary in-house software called “cockpit3d” and this makes our 3d crystal pictures one of the most sought-after gifts for a variety of occasions.

We are Saleha and Sukayna and we are very excited to introduce CrystalizeIt to you and your loved ones. 


My name is Saleha and I grew up in the UK and came to Canada in 2007 which is when I first fell in love with 3D crystals. I initially worked in a corporate office for a software development company; soon after i began moonlighting as a 3D Crystal associate at trade shows like the CNE where i had the pleasure to meet people and share with them this brilliant new idea of taking plain old pictures and bringing them to life in 3D Crystals! One of my greatest joys is bringing smiles to peoples faces, so bring me your cherished photos and let me work my magic as I Crystalize your memories forever!

My name is Sukayna and I was born and raised in Canada; life is all about new experiences which is exactly what brought Saleha and I together. I first learned about 3D Crystals when I was looking for a part time job to help pay my way through University. I started working at the CNE which is where I first met Saleha. We bonded immediately and our passion for 3D Crystals began to grow. We took our idea to various trade shows, and the reactions of the people who visited our trade booths inspired us to keep our foot on the gas and continue to innovate.

Due to the current pandemic we are unable to meet you lovely people face to face right now, and while that makes us sad we have created this warm and friendly website to welcome you to CrystalizeIt. This Holiday season let CrystalizeIt warm your homes with our 3D Crystals.

So, how did it all begin?

What was once a dream in the 1990s, became a reality when our founders Sukayna & Saleha decided to leave their traditional jobs and start their own 3d business. Their love for laser technology opened their minds to the amazing opportunities that this innovative business venture could provide.
They started working on a creative and clever solution and were successfully able to produce their very own spin that enabled our team to create HD 3d photo laser etched crystals with enhanced details. A lot of people loved this idea and were amazed when they saw what could be done with their photos. This is the reason why Saleha and Sukayna have worked extremely hard to further develop and innovate the quality of our 3d custom photo gifting products year after year.

Bringing joy to people’s lives

Here at Crystallize It!, it has always been our priority to bring joy to people’s lives. We truly understand the importance of preserving sentimental photos from the past and know how much it means for our customers to bring these precious memories to life. This is why we’re very delighted to use our business to transform photos to as life-like a format as possible.


Aside from making our customers happy and thrilled with what we make for them, we also love to give back and share our knowledge to new entrepreneurs in the 3d crystal space. We want to bring them joy by dedicating a portion of our time to teach them how to make their business succeed and thrive in this day and age.

Our dedication to make a difference in people’s lives didn’t go unnoticed because we have been recognized by world leaders including Former US President Obama, Prime Minister Harper, Prime Minister Trudeau, and other notable public figures including Kevin O’Leary (Shark Tank), Mariah Carey, Gabriel Macht (suits), Jay Leno, Grant Cardone (10X), Warren Buffett and the list goes on..

CrystallizeIt! - Highly Recognized & Award-Winning Company

Winner of the Business Excellence Award

Our company is very pleased to have been awarded the high caliber Business Excellence Award for Outstanding Innovation & Development.

This highly distinguished award acknowledges our hard work, dedication and supreme innovation all throughout these years.

Winner of the Aspire Award

As the leading provider of custom engraved 3d crystal images, we’re very honored to take home the prestigious Aspire award for achieving great feats in ingenuity, customer service and craftsmanship.

Winner of the Richmond Hill Innovation Business Award

It is our company’s philosophy to pursue never-ending innovation and constantly raise the bar high. This passion and drive to be on top leads us to continuously look for ways to enhance the quality of our products and services. We always strive to be the best at what we do and we’re very fortunate to be awarded the Richmond Hill Innovation Business Award for our consistent pursuit of excellence.

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